Hejli Kalil

Hejli Kalil ima 27 godina, model je za kupaće kostime i nekadašnja takmičarka za Mis Amerike. Nedavno je svojoj zabrinutoj mami obećala da će se na plaži “pokriti” jednodelnim kostimom, što je i ispunila, ali samo delimično.

Manekenka koja je svojoj mami obećala da će obući jednodelni kupaći kostim za fotografije magazina Sports Illustrated našla je lukav način da zaobiđe pravilo – i nasamari mamu.

Hejli je na Instagramu objavila video u kojem je pokazala svoj kupaći, koji sa zadnje strane nije ni izbliza toliko čedan kao što se čini spreda, piše

“Tehnički, to je jednodelni kupaći, tako da nisam lagala”, rekla je.

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@si_swimsuit has OFFICIALLY hit stands!!! I I broke down crying when I received the phone call that I would be shooting for the 2020 issue. The world sees these beautiful images…. but what they may not see is the moments between these shots that have changed my life and countless others. I have never felt more at ease and confident in the body I live in. There’s an undeniably positive energy on the SI Swimsuit set. You are surrounded by powerhouse men and women who work their butts off to capture beauty. They give their heart and soul to this art. The world sees a beautiful image…. but I see the moment when the countless years of hating my body faded away… I see a moment where I truly felt beautiful. I hope other women will see themselves in these pages. I hope they will look at a model and say “wow she has my body shape… my skin color… my hair color.” I hope in those moments they realize that their unique type of beauty is celebrated. Thank you so much to @mj_day, @darcieburroughs, and @ja_neyney for having me back this year!! I am truly grateful for every single moment I spend with the SI Swimsuit family. Thank you for trusting me to be a part of this incredible effort to capture the diversity of beauty. Thank you for the long hours, the sleepless nights, the time away from family, the flight after flight…. all for these incredible moments in time when confidence, beauty, intrigue, and power come together to create art. Photographer: @josie_clough Issue Editors: @mj_day @darcieburroughs @ja_neyney Makeup: @tobimakeup Hair: @adammaclay Production: @cindiblairproductions Everything: @hillarydrezner @jo.giunta @alyssaconroy @margotzamet 👏🏻

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